Friday Thoughts aka Hooray for weekends

Hello Friday self,

Hopefully at this point you’ve learned all of the intricacies of the college e-learning tools including how badly you’ve been messing things up over the past 10 years.  I would be great if you learned how to create these magical marking rubrics that students seem to crave as well.

On a personal note,  you’ve learned the names of at least three other new faculty and you remembered to re-stock the fridge at home with margarita mix.


One thought on “Friday Thoughts aka Hooray for weekends

  1. Hope the margarita mix stocking is going as planned. Although I am not sure that a rubric that the students will accept exists (unless you put the answers you expect right into it…ha ha), they are pretty magical when you make them in D2L and can just click on the boxes to do your marking. Don’t worry though, the layout in D2L is not at all intuitive so it won’t be too easy!


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