Wednesdays Learning…

Wednesdays are tough.  To the optimist the week is half gone and the weekend is just around the corner.  For those of us who belong to the glass is 1/2 empty mindset, Wednesday represents another day closer to returning students, staff issues, commuting and a host of small hurdles to overcome. Occasionally these seem to roll in so fast that you haven’t quite landed from one as you’re needed to somehow gain purchase and momentum sufficient to hit the next.

This Wednesday however held something more than that.  I learned about proper verbiage for course outlines, picked up some knowledge of nifty free web-based tools that might spruce up my late day classes and allowed my slight OCD inner demon to cut loose as I attempted to make the perfectly proportioned ‘cootie catcher’.

Above all however, I gained a new appreciation for how much I don’t know and how long  a journey I’m on to try and make my courses and program all they can be.  What lightens the load a bit is the knowledge that there are 14 others with the same experiences, challenges and desires that got on the ride with me.

Oh yea, and rubrics….


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